Global Lottery News • Irish Lotto Jackpot Of €7.1 Million Won By Online P…

An online player has pocketed an Irish Lotto jackpot of €7.1 million after matching all six main numbers in last night’s draw. The top prize had previously been rolling over since a ticket holder from Donegal won €4.4 million on Saturday 13th January. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Huge Jackpot and Improved Odds For Friday’s EuroMillions…

Anyone who enters Friday’s EuroMillions draw will not only have a gargantuan jackpot to try and win, but they will also have a better chance of becoming a millionaire than in most regular draws as a special event takes place to give away extra prizes. The jackpot for Friday’s draw stands at an estimated £154 million (€174 million), having been climbing for almost two months since it was last won by an Irish family syndicate on Friday 29th December. The 15th successive rollover came on … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Massive Jackpot and 25 £1 Million Prizes in Store for…

Friday’s EuroMillions draw is set be a spectacular occasion, with a monumental jackpot of £154 million up for grabs in addition to 27 chances to win £1 million in the UK and European Millionaire Maker draws. Friday’s jackpot is the largest since a Spanish player won £170.9 million on Friday 6th October and, if you are the only player to pick up the full amount this week, you will become the UK’s third biggest lottery winner ever. European Millionaire Maker is an occasional Europe-wide … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • How Will You Spend the €160 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?

Tuesday night’s EuroMillions jackpot has hit €160 million (£141 million) after Friday 16th February’s draw ended in a 14th straight rollover. With any jackpot of this size it’s natural that you will have already begun to formulate plans for how to spend the cash, and they normally fall into three categories; spending on yourself, spending on your loved ones, and charitable donations. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • EuroMillions Passes £140 Million As Lotto Player Wins £18.1m

It was a sensational weekend for lottery players as one lucky ticket holder snapped up £18.1 million on Lotto to become the biggest winner of 2018, while the EuroMillions jackpot rolled over once again and will now be worth £141 million for Tuesday night. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • What Is The Maximum EuroMillions Jackpot?

The EuroMillions jackpot regularly pushes into nine figures and fuels the dreams of lottery players in Ireland and the other eight participating countries, but just how high can it grow and what happens when it reaches its maximum level? … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Do You Have to Pay Tax on a Nine-Figure EuroMillions Jackpot

This Friday’s mighty €151 million (£133 million) EuroMillions jackpot is sure to have players across Europe tingling with excitement and daydreaming the week away, planning how they would spend the cash. However, with such a large sum on offer, would you have to pay tax on the top prize if you won it? The UK, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria do not tax lottery prizes, meaning that you always receive the full advertised amount when you win. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • EuroMillions Jackpot Continues to Soar – How Big Can it Get?

The EuroMillions jackpot rolled again on Tuesday night, teeing up a £133 million bounty for Friday’s draw. The current spectacular sum is the result of 13 draws without a top-tier winner, but how big can the EuroMillions jackpot get, and what happens when it reaches that total? … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • EuroMillions Jackpot Keeps Soaring As Eurojackpot Is Won

Millions of players across Europe sensed an opportunity to pick up sensational prizes on Friday night as both EuroMillions and Eurojackpot offered colossal jackpots. A lucky ticket from Finland secured €90 million on Eurojackpot, but there was a rollover in EuroMillions and the top prize will now climb to £121 million (€138 million). Friday’s winning EuroMillions numbers were 22, 31, 36, 38 and 44, with Lucky Stars 1 and 11. One player from the UK matched five main numbers plus one Lucky … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Finnish Player Wins €90 Million Eurojackpot Prize

A Finnish player won the entire €90 million Eurojackpot grand prize pool on Friday 9th February, the fourth time the jackpot has hit its maximum value. It is the biggest prize ever won in Finland and Veikkaus, the country’s national lottery provider, has confirmed the winning ticket was owned by a syndicate of five players from Loimaa, in the south west of the country. … [Read more...]