Global Lottery News • How Many Big Lottery Winners Keep Working?

If you won a big lottery prize, worked out the finances and realised you no longer needed to ever work again, would you quit your job or carry on? It is one of the first important decisions that a winner must face, and lucky players take very different directions. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • ‘Oldest Irish Lotto Syndicate’ Claims Huge Prize

The principal of a special school in Athlone, Co Westmeath, has described her staff syndicate as perhaps ‘the oldest in Ireland’ after the lucky group scooped over €52,000. Set up 30 years ago when the Irish National Lottery started, the syndicate’s persistence has finally been rewarded and the winning members are now looking forward to splashing out on some Christmas shopping. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Five Ticket Holders Split £25 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

Wednesday evening’s UK Lotto draw provided plenty of fireworks as five fortuitous players each landed a prize worth over £5 million. The lucky winners correctly matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to secure a slice of the £25 million jackpot after no players were able to step up to the Match 6 mark. It can’t have escaped your attention that Wednesday night’s Lotto jackpot was huge. So huge in fact that the top prize had exceeded its £22 million cap in the previous draw, … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Five Tickets Share Lotto Jackpot!

Five tickets shared a Lotto jackpot worth £24,995,407 on Wednesday, but none of them had to match all six of the main numbers to do it. In fact, no ticket was able to achieve that feat, but the jackpot cap had already been reached and no further rollovers were possible, so the top prize was rolled down and added to the second-tier prize fund. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Why Tonight’s £24.8 Million UK Lotto Jackpot M…

Excitement is building amongst UK Lotto players ahead of tonight’s draw, which will see at least one player land the jackpot sum. Having rolled over for ten successive draws, the game’s top prize has breached the £22 million jackpot cap, meaning that the £24.8 million on offer must be won. For those who are unaware, Lotto has a jackpot cap of £22 million. This limit was introduced in 2016 and followed a number of big prize wins in excess of £30 million, including a £66 million sum which … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Michigan and Rhode Island Players Split $42 Million Mega …

A Mega Millions jackpot of $42 million was shared between two players on Friday 13th October. It is a date famously associated with bad luck, but tickets sold in Michigan and Rhode Island proved to be very fortunate as each winner landed a fantastic $21 million. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Wednesday Lotto Jackpot Must Be Won!

The Lotto jackpot this Wednesday 18 October must be won after the previous game saw a jackpot of £22.67 million roll over. A jackpot cap of £22 million means that no further rollovers are possible, so if the top prize is not won outright this Wednesday, the jackpot prize fund will be rolled down to the next highest tier which does have winners. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Where Are The Luckiest Eurojackpot Locations?

Eurojackpot fans in 18 participating countries will be dreaming about the next big jackpot and the opportunity to splash the cash on luxurious purchases, but which places are most likely to be celebrating and is there really such a thing as a lucky location? … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • EuroMillions Draw To Guarantee 13 UK Millionaires

A date synonymous with bad luck will turn out to be very fortunate for some EuroMillions players, with 13 ticket holders in the UK guaranteed to win £1 million each in a special edition of the Millionaire Maker on Friday 13th October. The Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game run by the UK National Lottery for EuroMillions players in the country. Everyone who buys a EuroMillions ticket is automatically entered into the draw, and a random code consisting of four letters and five digits is … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Friday the 13th Guarantees 13 UK Millionaire

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th – a day which is steeped in superstition and often considered to be unlucky. Fortunately, this particular Friday the 13th is sure to be extremely lucky for some, because EuroMillions Millionaire Maker will create 13 guaranteed winners of £1 million each! … [Read more...]