The Health Lottery Draw – 31st of March, 2017

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EuroMillions Draw 994 on Friday 31st March 2017

17 - 24 - 26 - 28 - 45 - Lucky Stars 04 and 12 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

UK Thunderball Draw 2043 on Friday 31st March 2017

04 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 22 - Thunderball 08 - Ballset T2 - Machine Excalibur 3 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

The National Lottery Friday ‘EuroMillions’ draw results from 31st March 2017

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The National Lottery ‘Thunderball’ draw results from Friday 31st March 2017

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Global Lottery News • New Zealand Lotto Changes: What You Need to Know

This weekend will see a number of changes introduced to New Zealand Lotto and Powerball. The alterations, which were first announced in February 2017, will be brought into effect from Sunday 2nd April and are designed to create even more prize winners. So, what do you need to know about the changes? … [Read more...]

The Health Lottery Draw – 30th of March, 2017

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Global Lottery News • Bayford Estate to Host Cambridge Rock Festival

EuroMillions jackpot winner Adrian Bayford has made a deal with the organisers of the Cambridge Rock Festival to host this summer’s event in the grounds of his £6 million estate in Horseheath. The festival attracts thousands of people each year, and it is reported that Adrian views hosting the event as something that will help him to promote his own Cambridge-based music business. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’ For Lott…

A lucky ticket holder who won the €500,000 top prize in Saturday’s Irish Lotto Plus 1 draw has shown that it is ‘a long way to Tipperary’ after admitting that when he found out about his success he nearly drove into a ditch on the journey home and had to stop to compose himself. … [Read more...]

The Health Lottery Draw – 29th of March, 2017

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