UK Thunderball Draw 1222 on Saturday 31st December 2011

08 - 16 - 21 - 24 - 32 - Thunderball 06 - Ballset T2 - Machine Excalibur 3 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

UK Lotto Draw 1672 on Saturday 31st December 2011

07 - 11 - 37 - 38 - 42 - 44 - Bonus 02 - Ballset 7 - Machine Lancelot - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Health Lottery Results 31st December 2011

Are the Health Lottery results for 31st December 2011 going to be unlucky for you? After all it’s the 13th draw for this fairly new lottery and many consider this to be an unlucky number. It could be that the 13th draw and the Health Lottery results reveal your five chosen numbers to make you £100,000 richer – wouldn’t that be a fabulous start to the New Year! Could it be that the five main numbers drawn didn’t reveal a winner and went to the Second Chance Guaranteed Winner? Read on for … [Read more...]

The Health Lottery – 31 December 2011 – Draw

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Global Lottery News • Lotto Max And Maxmillions Results For Friday 30th Decembe…

Last night saw another Lotto Max draw take place with ten Maxmillions draws alongside the main draw and here we take a look at the Lotto Max and Maxmillions results for Friday 30th December 2011 – is Maxmillions going to continue for another week or was the Lotto Max jackpot won? If it was won how many of the Maxmillions draws failed to find winners meaning their prize pools rollover to the next draw? Read on for details of the winners and what the next jackpot will be for the Lotto Max draw … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • MegaMillions Results For Friday 30th December 2011

The final Megamillions draw for 2011 took place last night and whilst the jackpot wasn’t quite as impressive as that offered for the Tuesday draw; $12 million would have been a nice amount of money to see the New Year in with. However the Megamillions results for Friday 30th December 2011 revealed no winners of the main jackpot but one winner of the second prize tier from California who took home $222,805 – slightly less than the $250,000 other states would have won because California pays … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results for Friday 30th December

Here are the EuroMillions results for the 446th EuroMillions draw, on Friday 30th December 2011 at 9pm UK time. The jackpot was £43 million. Main Numbers: 16 - 36 - 43 - 44 - 50. Lucky Stars: 07 -08. Only UK residents have the additional chance of becoming an overnight millionaire, thanks to the Millionaire Raffle. The EuroMillions guaranteed Millionaire Raffle number is: HYT570956 There was no jackpot winner. The jackpot next Tuesday, 3rd January, is an estimated £46 … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Euromillions Results For 30th December 2011

The final Euromillions draw for 2011 took place tonight but was there a winner or has the jackpot rolled again for the fourth time. The Euromillions results for Friday 30th December 2011 revealed another rollover, no lucky ticket holders managed to match the five main balls and two Lucky Stars to take home the mammoth jackpot. However the Euromillions results did reveal that two lucky ticket holders match give main balls and one lucky star to take home the second level prize tier! Read on for … [Read more...]

UK Thunderball Draw 1221 on Friday 30th December 2011

05 - 13 - 16 - 18 - 25 - Thunderball 01 - Ballset T1 - Machine Excalibur 3 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Draw 446 on Friday 30th December 2011

16 - 36 - 43 - 44 - 50 - Lucky Stars 07 and 08 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]