UK Thunderball Draw 1208 on Wednesday 30th November 2011

07 - 17 - 18 - 28 - 31 - Thunderball 08 - Ballset T4 - Machine Unknown - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

UK Lotto Draw 1663 on Wednesday 30th November 2011

13 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 - 30 - Bonus 04 - Ballset 7 - Machine Merlin - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 29th November

Here are the EuroMillions results for the 437th EuroMillions draw, on Tuesday 29th November 2011 at 9pm UK time. The jackpot was £12.8 million. Main Numbers: 11 - 25 - 41 - 45 - 50 Lucky Stars: 02 - 07. Only UK residents have the additional chance of becoming an overnight millionaire, thanks to the Millionaire Raffle. The EuroMillions guaranteed Millionaire Raffle Number is: WVW309553. There was no jackpot winner. The rollover jackpot next Friday 2nd December, is an estimated £22 … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Euromillions Results For Tuesday 29th November 2011

Tonight saw the final draw take place for the Euromillions in November but did the Euromillions results for Tuesday 29th November 2011 reveal another big winner or is the jackpot rolling into December? Although the jackpot was only £12.8 / €15 million it would still make a great start to the festive season? Are you going to have a very merry Christmas and be able to spoil the family? Read on to see if Santa has come early showing your numbers in the Euromillions results. … [Read more...]

EuroMillions Draw 437 on Tuesday 29th November 2011

11 - 25 - 41 - 45 - 50 - Lucky Stars 02 and 07 - Prize Breakdown … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • UK EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle Tickets Set To Expire …

Last Friday Millionaires Month started and it saw a huge 18 players each win £1 million all thanks to the Millionaires Raffle. This raffle game plays out alongside the EuroMillions game only in the UK however news has developed surrounding the last Super Raffle draw that took place on the 7th June. There are two UK EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle tickets, which are set to expire on the 4th December 2011 as the two lottery ticket holders have failed to come forward and claim their well-deserved … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Magic Monday | Second Chance Guaranteed Winner | Health L…

The Health Lottery launched in September 2011 with ticket sales starting on 29th, the first ever draw took place on 8th October. Shortly after this lottery launched two new features where introduced – Magic Monday and the Second Chance Guaranteed Winner. Magic Monday means that not only can players win one of the three main prizes from the Health Lottery but additionally they have the chance to enjoy discounts and free gifts from major retailers every time they purchase a ticket for this … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Florida Lotto Jackpot At An Estimated $37 Million

The Florida Lotto jackpot rolled again on Saturday night meaning that the next estimated jackpot dor the draw on Wednesday 30th November is an estimated $37 million, higher than the multi-state lottery jackpot for Powerball which is currently estimated at $31 million. However if both lotteries roll on the Wednesday night draws, the Powerball jackpot will be the higher than that of the Florida Lotto based on the additional number of players for Powerball and expected ticket sales. … [Read more...]

Global Lottery News • Lottery Results For Saturday 26th November 2011

Another Sunday morning, another selection of lottery results for the Saturday night draws. Will the numbers from a selection of the world lotteries reveal you as a big jackpot winner or are you going to have to go back to your job on Monday morning? If you added together all the jackpots on offer in the lottery results for Saturday 26th November 2011 it would make an eye-watering amount of money and whilst we can all dream for some players their dreams have come true with a lottery jackpot win … [Read more...]

UK Lotto Results for Saturday 26th November

Here are the UK Lotto Results for Lotto draw number 1,662, held on Saturday 26th November 2011: The 6-ball jackpot was £4.4 MILLION. The UK Lotto results are... Main Numbers: 13 - 16 - 25 - 26 -36 - 46 Bonus Number: 15. The UK Lotto results confirm that there was 1 jackpot winner. The machine used for this UK Lotto draw was Mwerlin; ball set 6. It's always exciting to see the UK Lotto Results; the next UK Lotto draw is on Wednesday 30th November 2011, with an estimated jackpot of … [Read more...]